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Affiliate Program

Start Earning Big!
With Jily SkinLab's Affiliate Program


How it works!

1. Each Affiliate must sign up to the Affiliate Program and are assigned an affiliate code.    

2. Affiliate inserts code on the Affiliate Marketing Card and distributes it to potential Jily SkinLab customers or may use this Affiliate code in a their media campaign designed to promote Jily Skinlab.

3. The Jily Skinlab Marketing Cards or Affiliates Media Campaign offers
customers a 20% discount on their first service.

4. Customers should be instructed to bring such Affiliate Marketing
Card or affiliate code to Jily Skinlab in order to claim their 20% first time discount.

5. Jily Skinlab will use this code to calculate the payout to

an authorized Affiliate.


Payouts & Rewards



1. Jily Skinlab pays 10% in JilySkinlab Reward Points to the

2. Payout based on the first-time customer’s NET (of discount) initial
purchase amount.


1. Reward points can be accumulated or redeemed at the established
redemption price for each Jily Skinlab services or paid in cash at a value of
$1 per Reward Point.

2. Once a month Affiliate can convert reward points into cash. 

3. Upon such request, Jily Skinlab will pay the Reward cash within 10 days after the end of the month that such request was made.

Register and you will recieve a call from one of our team members.