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Jily SkinLab is Proud to Introduce Oral Semaglutide

Oral Semaglutide Drop Formula Ideal for maintenance. Delivered in a unique delivery technology called Submagna. This delivery mechanism was developed by PCCA, a world leader in pharmacy compounding, Is an oral Semaglutide initially prescribed as a once a week drop taken under the tongue.

Oral Semaglutide
$299 per month.

All Inclusive Pricing Package Includes Medical Provider Consultation, Medication, and shipping.


Semaglutide is a GLP-1 Drug Found in
Ozempic, Rybelsus & Wegovy

Semaglutide belongs to the class GLP-1 agonist drugs and is the medication found in common brands Ozempic, Rybelsus, and Wegovy. Semaglutide offers many benefits for patients seeking weight loss. The most notable benefit patients receive from use of Semaglutide is significant weight loss in a short amount of time. In one study conducted, 175 patients who are overweight, the total body weight loss percentages achieved were 5.9% at 3 months and 10.9% at 6 months. However, it’s not just the number on the scale that improves for patients, Semaglutide has been found to improve various metabolic health markers, including blood sugar control, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. By addressing these factors, patients may experience a holistic improvement in their overall health profile.

Jily Introduces Semaglutide –Oral Formula.

Our Oral Semaglutide is sourced from an FDA registered manufacturer with an active drug master file listed with the US FDA. It:

  • Uses base form of Semaglutide similar to the FDA approved Semaglutide product.
  • Does not contain a sodium or acetate salt form. Salt forms have not been shown to be safe and effective.
  • Contains no added vitamins or additional medications that are not proven to be safe or effective when combined with Semaglutide.
  • Has NDC number indicating that it is a medication with FDA approval.

The Oral Semaglutide is a Highly Absorbed Delivery Method. The First of its Kind.

Jily’s new Oral Formula of Semaglutide is ideal for maintenance. It is delivered in a unique delivery technology called Submagna. This delivery mechanism developed by PCCA, a world leader in pharmacy compounding, is an oral Semaglutide initially prescribed as a once a week drop taken under the tongue. The new sublingual base allows for much less medication needed to be used to achieve similar absorption the body. This is a perfect option for patients who may not have achieved success with their Semaglutide injection and are looking for a maintenance treatment to keep their hard-earned results. It is also available as an alternative to the injections for those looking for an oral solution.

Our Products Dispensed by Millers of Wyckoff

Millers of Wyckoff is a nationally accredited compounding pharmacy licensed to ship to all 50 states and has delivered healthcare for over a century. .Its cutting-edge technology and innovative pharmacists are known to develop and endorse the best formulations that pharmacies have to offer.

Our All-Inclusive Package Includes Medical Provider
Consultation with Nicole Baldwin, APRN, FNP-BC

Nicole Baldwin, APRN-BC is a telemedicine specialist that is licensed in 50 states and is also a Family Nurse Practitioner. Nicole specializes in Urgent Care, Internal Medicine & Orthopedics. Our package also includes all medications as well as shipping to your home.

Set Up Appointment with our Medical Provider Included in All Inclusive Package

Nicole Baldwin

  • Master of Science,

  • Family Nurse Practitioner 

  • Certified

Oral Semaglutide
$299 per month.

Questions and Answers

Tell us about the products that the Jily SkinLab is offering directly to its customers?

Jily SkinLab has introduced a new Semaglutide product that is being dispensed by Millers Pharmacy. They are offered as an all-inclusive package that includes a Medical Provider Consultation with Nicole Baldwin, APRN, FNP-BC. And shipping. Our cost is $299 for the Semaglutide Sublingual.

Semaglutide Sublingual:

Millers is revolutionizing the way Semaglutide is delivered with our new sublingual suspension. To overcome poor oral absorption, PCCA has released a proprietary base called Submagna,  developed specifically to deliver high molecular weight peptides like Semaglutide. It delivers Semaglutide in a manner that is highly absorbed and highly permeable. We compound the suspension in strengths of 1mg/mL, 2mg/mL, and 3mg/mL. The expert clinical team at PCCA suggests mimicking the dosing guidelines and equivalents outlined in Semaglutide subcutaneous injections. It is suggested that the patient administers the dose under the tongue once weekly. We dispense quantities of 3mL, 5mL, and 10 mL, depending on the patient’s dose requirements and are suggesting titrating the dose based on tolerability.

What form of Semaglutide does your product use?

Our product only uses the base form of Semaglutide, similar to the FDA approved Semaglutide products.

Does your Semaglutide use the salt form?

No, our Semaglutide does not contain a sodium or acetate salt form. Products containing salt forms have not been shown to be safe and effective.


What do you do to ensure your product is safe?

Our sublingual form is compounded using PCCA ingredients. Our Injectable product only uses DMF active ingredients along with validated inactive ingredients to assure the purest materials are incorporated. Our Semaglutide provider does not rely on manufacturer C  of A to assure quality. All ingredients are tested by our product provider in house upon arrival. They must meet its strict standards and methods that are developed with their in-house QC chemistry lab and microbiology labs.


Does the product have to be reconstituted?

No, the formulation that we use does not have to be reconstituted.


How is your Semaglutide stored?

Our Sublingual Suspension is to be stored at room temperature.  Our Semaglutide injection vials are intended to be stored under refrigeration between 2°C to 8°C (36°F to 46°F) and protected from freezing and light. In addition to the above storage conditions, the product can be kept from 8°C to 25°C (46°F – 77°F) up to 15 days and from 8°C to 35°C (46°F – 95°F) up to 4 days, according to specific temperature studies conducted.


What is the Beyond Use Date (BUD)?

Our Sublingual Suspension has a 90 day beyond use date at room temperature.  OurInjection Semaglutide  product has 8 months dating when refrigerated.


What are the inactives in your Semaglutide formulation?

Our Sublingual Suspension includes the Submagna base, peppermint oil andspearmint oil.  Our Injection product includes: Disodium Phosphate Dihydrate, Sodium Chloride Benzyl Alcohol and Water for Injection.


Why is it significant that our product comes from a drug manufacturer?

Our Sublingual Semaglutide is compounded in our labs. Our injection product comes from a licensed drug manufacturer that produces commercially approved ANDA and NDA drugs, providing the confidence that all 503B products are made under the same stringent standards.  Our Semaglutide provider uses the same quality standards and same operating procedures to make all 503B products as it does FDA approved drugs.


Does your product have an NDC number? 

The facility that our injection product comes from has been issued an NDC by the FDA because it is a registered FDA drug manufacturer.


How are your products tested?

Our product’s facility has full chemistry and microbiology labs within it that allows them to meet more strict, self generated guidelines and parameters. This way, we provide full confidence in producing industry best results for our consumers.


What sets our product’s facility apart from a typical 503a or 503b outsourcer?

Our Semaglutide provider is a Drug Manufacturer that operates in ISO 5 clean environments, utilizing cutting-edge robotic filling technology to mix and fill our sterile products. This is unlike most every other 503A or 503B that uses technicians and laminar flow hoods during the compounding and filling processes.


Tell me about Nicole Baldwin, APRN-BC

Nicole Baldwin, APRN-BC is a telemedicine specialist that is licensed in 50 states and is also a Family Nurse Practitioner. Nicole specializes in Urgent Care, Internal Medicine & Orthopedics.


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